Zero Day Vulnerabilities and You : Introduction

You may not have realised it but there are a handful if not more zero day vurlnerabilities running on the very device you are holding. Weather that is a mobile device, laptop, tablet or even your smart fridge. you can get a grip on their seriousness by knowing that Zero day vurlnerabilties are traded for hundreeds if not millions of dollars among Cyber Criminals and nation state actors.

To name a few, attacks like Wanacry which affected hundreds of thousands of computers in over 150 countries in May 2017, Stuxne which used a sophisticated piece of malware that targeted Iran's nuclear program and was discovered in 2010 were done with help of one or more Zero Day Vurnerability at it's core.

In this series, I will attempt to tear apart a few such attacks. We will look at how the attack was caries out, what the exploit was, it's impact and how it was eventually fixed. The language of the articles in the series will ensure that any and everyone will be able to appreciate the execution behind these attacks, in makign them happen and fixing them. This is the most facinating part for me and is what I want to share.

But first, What is a Zero Day Vulnerability ?