Lead Engineer, Security @ Salesforce
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – ProfessionalAWS Certified Solutions Architect – ProfessionalCKA - Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Greetings, I am Mayank Raj, a Lead Engineer at Salesforce , specializing in crafting large scale, resilient and fault-tolerant infrastructure. My expertise encompasses machine learning, deep learning infrastructure, Big Data, Web APIs, and innovative realms like AR/VR and Voice technology.

Currently, I work on enhancing the security of the Salesforce ecosystem, providing cryptography capabilities across Salesforce , Slack ,Tableau and more. My passion lies in developing high-performing products fueled by AI/ML and Big Data. I'm adept at designing scalable, cost-effective systems, such as orchestrating over 250TB of data and handling 100,000 long-running jobs with sub-millisecond latency.

From my roots as a web designer & developer, I've nurtured startups' digital existence, designing portals and ensuring their seamless operation. This journey introduced me to the captivating world of JavaScript and its vibrant community. Notably, I contribute extensively to open-source endeavors, shaping tools like Firefox, and recently, immersing myself in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, closely tracking TFJS.

Beyond my Salesforce journey, I've thrived at Cactus Communications, steering tech as an Associate Director, architecting Big Data platforms, scaling AI/ML-powered systems, and bridging the business-tech chasm. My tenure as a Solutions Architect showcased benchmark-defying feats in graph database engines, infrastructure orchestration, and shaping Cloud best practices. Founder & CTO, I designed and sculpted a SaaS marvel, monitoring services across AWS's global footprint. It operates out of over 50+ AWS availability zone for a truly highly available monitoring system.

Over the years, I've designed worked on designing graph engines, crafting highly available systems, and nurturing a team's growth from 1 to 20+. I've worked on building efficient clickstream applications to sculpting real-time web socket services, all underscored by efficient data management.

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