Hi, I'm Mayank Raj and I'm Solutions Architect currently based in Mumbai, India. I have experience in high performant system architecture, cloud services and have recently been exploring projects that are in the data science domain.

I currently work as an Solutions Architect at Cactus Communications. I've previously worked with industry leader like Directi while still in the second year of my undergraduate study. Prior to that I've been involved with Frapp, WorkAmp etc at various stages. I've also served as the CTO for AIESEC in Mumbai.

Having had started as a web designer & developer, I have helped startups set up their online presence. From designing the web portals to developing, hosting and maintaining them. These initial few years exposed me to JavaScript and the amazing community around it. The language still manages to throw new things at me after all these years. (shoutout to Kyle Simpson for the YDKJS series). I have had the opportunity to architect projects that process upwards of 100K events per day. This gave me exposure to cloud services.

I'm also a core contributor to many open source projects that I use regularly like Firefox. Recently I have been working in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and watching the development of TFJS closely.

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